Those Were My Favorites, Jackie

Despite the fact that I often see Great Blue Heron and Osprey in the Puget Sound Area and I rarely see the Eastern Kingbird, Blue Jay, or the Western Wood-Pewee, my favorite shots of the day were this one of a Great Blue Heron building a nest on the top of a very tall tree    

Great Blue Heron Building Nest

and of a pair of Ospreys in a nest with a young chick.

Osprey Pair with Chick

I am well aware that Great Blue Herons nest in trees; there are even several rookeries in the Puget Sound Area, but I’ve never personally seen them.

I have seen several Osprey Nests, but I have never seen one with both parents, much less with a chick.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s a classic family pose, either.