Black-necked Stilt

Where you find White-Faced Ibis you’re apt to find Black-necked Stilt and that was true on our latest visit, though there were a lot fewer Black-necked Stilts than there were White-faced Ibises.  We saw ibises in both the Sacramento and Colusa NWR, but we only saw a few stilts in one small area of the Sacramento NWR so I suspect the stilts haven’t started migrating yet.

There seemed to be two pairs of stilts, but they were rarely close enough to get a shot of two together. 

Either they were so accustomed to visitors or were so intent on finding food that they were indifferent to us and made it possible to get some nice photos.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten closer to a Black-necked Stilt than I got to this one,

and this is one of my favorite shots ever

because it emphasizes the stilt’s delicate legs. 

3 thoughts on “Black-necked Stilt”

  1. Nice photos of the stilts. If you ever come down to Sacramento and Colusa National Wildlife Refuges in the months of November or December, it would be great to meet up with you there.

    1. We don’t get there quite as regularly during those months as some other months, but if we do in the future I’ll try to contact you before we go.

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