Sunrise Rim Trail

After four weeks of hiking around Mt. Rainier, I thought we were ready to tackle the Sunrise Rim Trail,  probably my favorite hike on Mt. Rainier because of its views, like this one taken halfway up the steep climb from the visitors’ center to the trail.  

Once to the top of the ridge you get some impressive views looking north —  and down. On a clearer day you can see Mt. Baker from here.

We didn’t see Mt. Baker, but we did spot something even more exciting, a Mountain Goat resting halfway down the cliff, the first we have ever seen here.

It was quite dry and dusty on the trail, but the slopes were covered with flowers galore!

There were also quite a few butterflies, but this was the only one that stopped long enough for me to get a shot of it.

We followed the Wonderland Trail back to the parking lot and managed to get a very different view of the mountain.

It’s a challenging hike for me, but it’s worth the effort because hiking here feels like Cloud Heaven!

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