Loren’s Easily Distracted

As I was walking out the point at Ft. Flagler to find Harlequin Ducks, I kept seeing little birds like this

walking down the shoreline towards me.  I’ll have to admit that I didn’t recognize them at first because I’m used to seeing Dunlin with a sheer black front, their breeding plumage.  The sheer number of them I saw totally distracted me from my main goal.  I must have spent a half hour getting different shots of them, everything from small flocks still sleeping in

early birds taking off, 

even earlier birds flying in to join those who had found food, 

while others seem determined to discover their own.

Nothing quite like a pleasant distraction to start you day.

Some distractions, though, aren’t nearly so pleasant.  It was a near-freezing morning with strong winds so I was wearing my snow-shoeing gloves and discovered that even with the camera settings “Locked” that pushing the wrong button would readjust the f-stop and I ended up with some rather badly overexposed photos.  Luckily, I was shooting in RAW format so I was able to recover some of the shots I liked in Adobe Lightroom.

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