Port Townsend

Once I had gotten multiple shots of the Harlequin ducks and the Oystercatchers and was about to leave Ft. Flagler, a crow landed on a nearby post and scolded me.  Normally, I don’t see crows because they are constantly around our house, but I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this one, and it might be my favorite shot of the day, a reminder we need to see the world with fresh eyes every day to fully appreciate it.

Since the sun had reappeared by the time we got to Pt. Townsend, I decided to see if there were any Harlequins hanging out on the spit at the north end of town.  At first all I saw was multiple gulls, but as I moved closer I saw this pair.  I was surprised at how well they blended in with the log, even the male.

The male certainly seemed much brighter when it swam out to hunt for food.

It’s almost as if those brilliant colors were designed to show off when the Harlequin is surrounded with water. The reds seem redder, the blacks blacker as they contrast with the water. 

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