Back to Mt. Rainier

We got lucky last week on our latest visit to Mt. Rainier, managing to duck both the smoke and the clouds.  We hiked another part of the Wonderland Trail, a section heading west from Longmire.  The trail began in deep, Old Growth Forest

with ferns, fallen trees and bubbling springs.

After a couple of miles the Old Growth Forest gave way to 2nd Growth forest and open meadows

dominated by deciduous trees and shrubs, providing some beautiful Fall colors,  

which complemented Mt. Rainier’s fresh dusting of snow. 

6 thoughts on “Back to Mt. Rainier”

  1. I love old growth forests. Recently i was in one and spent a night solo camping while it stormed. You definitely feel safer in an old growth forest when it’s storming.

    This post is especially relevant because it highlights portions of the Wonderland Trail that i hope to hike someday with my sister who lives out in Seattle. We want to do a backpacking trip on the Wonderland.

    1. Better plan your trip and get your reservations early. I’m amazed at how quickly the trail gets booked each year, especially considering the planning that has to be done to set up food drops. Our experience of the Wonderlands, though, makes it seem like it would be a life-long memory.

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