Finally, Back to Theler Wetlands

I love my yard and nearby Pt Defiance Park, but I’ll have to admit I was thrilled when Washington’s Covid-19 lockdown eased enough that we felt comfortable visiting Theler Wetlands. There weren’t as many birds as we often see, but we saw a number of birds we never see at home, like this Cedar Waxwing we spotted at the beginning of our walk,

an Osprey diving for fish,

a Red-Breased Merganser with a fish,

a Killdeer hunting for food on the mudflats,

and our favorite Marsh Wren trying to attract a mate.

The highlight of the day, though, was seeing John Riegsecker, who we haven’t seen since he bought a new car in December. It’s hard to remember when I used to see him nearly weekly.

What do you think?

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