Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

When we got to the Colusa NWR we knew where all the Snow Geese we expected to see at the Sacramento NWR were — though we still didn’t know why they had shifted to this refuge. 

Not only were there hundreds, if not thousands of Snow Geese, but they got closer at Colusa than I’ve ever gotten at Sacramento. As a result, I got a lot more pictures of Snow Geese

flying than I’ve ever gotten before.

The hard part was sorting through all the photos I took and deciding which ones I liked best.  In the end, my choices seemed pretty arbitrary because they were all pretty good. 

I chose this shot simply because there were two geese, not one like the previous picture.

The only problem I had getting shots of the Snow Geese landing was trying to make sure that my camera didn’t suddenly shift focus to one of the many geese and ducks sitting on the pond.

I ended up with several out-of-focus shots, but it didn’t seem to matter when I had so many other pictures that were tack sharp.

The only downside of a day like this is I might not ever be able to get a better shot of Snow Geese.

What do you think?

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