Another Point of View

There’s so much to see on most auto tours of National Wildlife Refuges that Leslie has been taking pictures with my backup camera for several years now. I pointed out this Snowy Egret standing on the rail above the drainage ditch but couldn’t get a shot of it myself.

I did see this hawk (a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, I think) (John says it’s a Red-Shouldered Hawk) through the windshield, but there was no way I could get a decent shot through the windshield.

Sometimes she sees birds that I don’t even see from my side, like this very Red-Tailed Hawk.

I did see this Bald Eagle and maneuvered the car so that Leslie could get a good shot

but since it was on Leslie’s side of the car there was no way I could have gotten a decent shot of it.

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  1. I’ve been there and enjoy the birds immensely. The best walking tour I can suggest would be the Henderson (NV) Bird Viewing Preserve. Cheap flights to Vegas if that mode of transportation works for you. Probably not the best place to go in summer.

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