“Birding” Port Townsend

Though the clouds and rain had caught up with us by the time we left Ft. Flagler, the sunshine was back after we spent a couple of hours window-shopping and eating lunch in Port Townsend.  So, we drove out to Ft. Worden to see what we could find.

Two River Otters were hanging out on the dock, apparently enjoying the sun for the first time in weeks.

A Double-Crested Cormorant was occupying the Belted-Kingfisher’s favorite perch, 

but just as we were leaving a male Belted Kingfisher landed on the railing in front of us and I managed to get one of the better shots I’ve gotten in awhile.

Since it was early afternoon and we didn’t have anything else planned for the day, I decided to take advantage of the sun and see if there were any Harlequin Ducks back in Pt. Townsend.  There was a single Harlequin weaving his way through a large flock of Brants.

It was nice to end our visit on a high note after a rather disappointing morning.

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