Fall Birding

Birding is still relatively slow around here since the seabirds that overwinter haven’t returned in large numbers yet; I haven’t seen a single Goldeneye or Merganser and have seen only a few Bufflehead and Grebes.  Still, when the sun shines like it has this week it’s immoral not to get outside walking.  

Theler Wetlands has birds year-round, but when there’s no ducks, no geese, and few Blue Herons, you have to look harder than usual to find birds because more often than not this time of year they are trying to stay out of sight.  

This male House Finch was definitely the brightest bird I spotted on our visit.

I heard the Marsh Wren, but Leslie had to spot it for me.

Although it wasn’t advertising for a mate, it seemed to be trying to protect its territory from other birds. Apparently he needed to up his game, though, because this Song Sparrow landed on nearly the exact same reed the wren was on.

It’s probably wise not to advertise your presence too loudly, though, when predators like this Sharp-Shinned Hawk ( which might be the very similar Cooper’s Hawk) are flying overhead.

2 thoughts on “Fall Birding”

  1. Hi from Brooklyn, Loren! Haven’t commented on your blog in a long time – I’m not online as much as I used to be, due to family health problems. But I wanted you to know that when my spirit is crushed by the corruption and deceit inflicted on our nation (by its own leadership) for the past three years, your beautiful bird photos and your commentary on them always restore my faith in humanity, and remind me that there *are* people in the this world who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to preserve it. Thank you for sharing your vision of this beauty with all of us, through your words and photos. Blessings to you and your family – and keep up the wonderful work! – Jill Sophia (a.k.a. Sophia Jill on Facebook)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Jill. I sometimes think I should be shouting about the importance of beauty, particularly natural beauty, to the human soul on my blog, but instead I’ve decided to just resort to presenting it as honestly as I can.

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