Narada Falls to Reflection Lake

On Thursday we headed out to walk another stretch of the Wonderland Trail, from Narada Falls to Reflection Lake. It was overcast and a little cool when we started, but it still offered some beautiful scenery from the overlook.

and it’s hard to imagine a more inspiring place to start a hike than at Narada Falls.

Most of the hike up to Reflection Lake was in deep forest, so it didn’t really matter if it was overcast or clear.  

Very few flowers grow in the Northwest’s old-growth forests, but mushrooms seem to thrive on the litter and decaying trees that are part of a mature forest. If I had stopped to take photos of every mushroom I saw I would have never kept up with Leslie and Paul so I focused on the biggest

and most

 interesting mushrooms.  

At first glance, these looked like bright red flowers, but they turned out to be some kind of small red berry.

It was a bit of an uphill slog, but the climb seemed more than worth it when we reached Reflection Lake, 

our turn-around point.  

3 thoughts on “Narada Falls to Reflection Lake”

  1. These are a little different scale for you. I’m used to seeing things roughly the size of a bird, but this time they ranged from as big as a mountain to as small as a mushroom. I enjoyed these! Thank you for sharing them!

    1. You have to get a little more innovative when neither birds nor flowers show themselves.

      In the end, of course, it’s the exercise and overall beauty that make the physical effort worthwhile.

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