Things Can Only Get Better

After hearing that the Fall shorebird migration was taking place, I decided to go to the beach August 15th in an attempt to escape the smoke-filled skies polluting our Puget Sound air. Not only was I unable to escape the smoke-filled air, I saw so few birds that it almost felt criminal to have wasted a tank of gas for the day.

I didn’t get a single shot at Ocean Shores, though I did glance some loons way out and a Brown Pelican out past the jetty. Things weren’t much better at Westport where I only managed to sight this Double-Crested Cormorant

and this Pigeon Guillemot.

I was sure things would pick up when I got to Bottle Beach, especially since there was a large contingent of Seattle Audubon members there before me. Though it was comforting to know that I wasn’t a total idiot to come looking for birds, there were very few shorebirds and they didn’t come in with the tide as they usually do.

Determined not to get skunked, I headed for Tokeland even though I debated whether it was worth it to waste even more gas.