Where in the World has Loren Been?

Not any place interesting, unfortunately.

I haven’t been posting much lately because Lael, my granddaughter, has been working for me this summer labeling and editing all the photos I’ve taken since 1998. She’s been sitting at the computer much longer than I can manage to do.

It’s hard to believe how many unlabeled, unsorted photos I’ve managed to acquire over that period. After Lael labels them I hope to sort them out and delete all but the very best shots. It’s been fun looking at how my shots have improved over that time (probably because the equipment is vastly superior) and occasionally I’m pleasantly pleased by shots I’ve taken, even with older equipment.

Of course, I’m saving all the shots of kids and grandkids and shipping them the images when I’m finished.

Realistically, there’s not too many other shots worth saving, but perhaps if I narrow them down to just a few one of the grandkids will want to look at them after I’m gone.

Best of all, Leslie and I have gotten to share time with Lael again this summer and provide her with some extra spending money.