Back to Seabeck

After we unpacked from our Malheur/Bear River/Santa Rosa trip we headed up to Seabeck, knowing full well that we had already missed the best times to see the Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons. The tide wasn’t ideal but got even worse on any of the days before we were to leave for Colorado.

If I hadn’t had such great days in previous years, I would probably have been more than happy with the shots on this visit. After all, this immature Bald Eagle was waiting for us at Big Beef Creek when we pulled up,

and I only had to wait a half hour or so before this mature Bald Eagle swooped down

but missed his catch.

Although there was a really long stretch of time with little or no action, we did manage to get some close-up shots of another immature Bald Eagle

and adult Bald Eagle at Seabeck.

This Bald Eagle was so close that I couldn’t resist cropping it into a headshot.

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  1. The pictures are so wonderful. I loved to sit and watch the eagles soar when we lived in the Poudre Canyon, CO. They were mostly golden but a few bald eagles. They did nest at that time in the Canyon. We had to leave and ended up in the northeast. No eagles here but I have seen osprey, which are very big birds!

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