Friends of Malheur

I can’t remember ever visiting Malheur National Wildlife Refuge without stopping at the headquarters. It’s a great place to find out where the hotspots are on the refuge, but it’s also a great place to get shots of birds I seldom see anywhere else. Most of the birds are taking advantage of the feeders, like this male Evening Grosbeak

and this female Evening Grosbeak.

The spilled seeds are liable to attract ground-feeders like this male California Quail.

The numerous ground squirrels seem to have attracted a Great Horned Owl family. The refuge had a scope set up on the tree where three fledglings had just left the nest. This little guy looked like he was all tuckered out and needed a little help standing up.

Friends of Malheur , which has just relocated their office, is a great place to stop.

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