Color Me Surprised

I’ll have to admit that I was very surprised by the birds I saw on Maui. When this bird showed up in the parking lot, at first I thought it must be some exotic tropical species. But the more I looked at it, the more I thought it must be a Cardinal,

a bird I’ve never seen but identify with the East. Turns out they were imported about 1929. 

I’d never seen a Red-Crested Cardinal

before, either, but they aren’t a native species either, having been imported from South America in the 30’s.

I worked hard to get a decent shot of these two, thinking I’d never see another one, but a few days later both a male

and female Cardinal Cardinal

landed next to us to eat a piece of bread someone had left on a nearby rock


On our last full day on the island this Red-Crested Cardinal landed on the extra chair at our table.

I’ll have to admit that if I’d known what birds to expect I would probably have brought a different camera with a better lens. There’s definitely a reason I’ve invested so much money on camera and lenses as I’ve gotten more interested in birding.

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Years ago I had a friend from Vietnam who just loved our “beautiful, exotic” birds. She was talking about Cardinals and Blue Jays, birds that are so common here in East Texas that I had ceased to pay them any mind.

Sometimes I remind myself to try to see my world through fresh eyes. She was right: they are beautiful and exotic!

Yes, we’ve seen the red-crested cardinals in Hawaii too! I especially laugh at the Mynah birds that have made it there from cold England. They have a little troubleing land in palm trees but they gamely manage to right themselves and enjoy the tropical life!