The All-too-common American Robin

Is the American Robin the most common bird in America? It is certainly so common that most people don’t even notice it or even the calls it makes. Looking back at photos over the years, I’d have to admit that I’m probably guilty of that, even though I remember loving Robins as a kid.

Now the only time I really notice them is when there are large flocks migrating, as they are now at Theler.

How do we get ourselves to re-see them? Here’s my attempt, pairing an Emily Dickinson poem with a recent photo.

2 thoughts on “The All-too-common American Robin”

  1. I love the pairing of the poem and the photo. It’s quite beautiful. This post reminded me that I am named for my paternal grandmother who died a year before I was born. Her name was Rose, and in the Jewish tradition the first letter of my name begins with the first letter of hers. Interestingly, this post made realize that my grandmother’s name is a common flower, and mine is a common bird. I LOVE IT!!

  2. We used to see a lot of Robins here along Galveston Bay, but since Hurricane Ike we don’t see them much any more. You might still catch a rare glimpse of one but it is just that . . .rare. I miss them, they are such cheerful birds.

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