Common Mergansers at Theler Wetlands

Though my favorite sighting of Saturday’s trip to Theler was the Marsh Wren that posed for me, I was also lucky enough to see the annual gathering of the Common Mergansers.

I’m never sure if they’re having a social to find mates or if they’re merely feeding on a fish run, but I’ve noticed this kind of annual gathering since I started visiting Theler regularly — shortly after hunting season ends.

They tend to mill around on the opposite side of the Union River, as far away from the trail as possible.

There were so many that it was impossible to get a group shot with a photo lens. In fact

there were so many that I didn’t even notice the male Red-Breasted Merganser in the shot until I cropped them at the computer,

and I never realized until now that the Red-Breasted Merganser is smaller than the Common Merganser — they seem to be the same size seen through the camera lens.

I can only imagine what this male and female Merganser must have been saying to each other, but they did separate from the flock and swim off with each other right afterwards.

My favorite shots are always those where birds are flying, or taking off

because they best capture the grace and beauty of these animals.