Great Blue Heron at Theler Wetlands

It may seem like I’ve been sorting and editing shots from our Colorado trip forever. I have spent too many hours in front of the computer, but that’s not all I’ve done since I got home. Nope, Leslie and I have managed to get out to Theler Wetlands at least once a week despite a lot of rain.

Apparently we are not the only ones to return to Theler. We’ve seen Great Blue Heron on each of our visits like this one perched overhead,

this one flying by,

this one displaying aggression as it tries to claim territory

from this heron heading out to confront the intruder.

Territory is so precious that this Great Blue Heron stood a few feet from the trail, refusing to budge from its hunting ground.

It was so close that I had to take three shots and photomerge them into a single shot.

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