Just Paint Me Optimistic

As a photographer, I always believe that my next picture is going to be the best picture that I’ve ever taken. If I didn’t believe that, it certainly wouldn’t make any sense to have returned to Big Beef Creek early in the morning last week. Hoping to see some interaction between eagles and more interactions between eagles and Great Blue Herons (GBH), I got up early and arrived at Big Beef Creek about two hours after high tide.

Again I was rewarded with some shots of Great Blue Heron flying over in early morning light.

Unfortunately, the GBH were not catching any fish close to shore, and all I got was shots of them flying by.

Like any good fisherman, the herons started looking for better fishing grounds, which meant moving further and further away from where I was photographing. I was able to get a few shots that I liked, like this one,

but it didn’t take long to realize I wasn’t going to get anything special when they were this far away.

3 thoughts on “Just Paint Me Optimistic”

  1. Loren, I just took a look at the posts for the past few weeks and have been awestruck by the beauty you see and photograph. You have such a fantastic eye and photographic skills. Thank you for sharing this with us. Truly inspiring images.

  2. I think they are all stunning Loren , but I know what you mean. 🙂

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