After our trip to Bottle Beach, I decided I needed to check out Big Beef Creek near Seabeck to see if the sculpin run had begun. Since the run is tide-dependent, I checked when high tide was and thought I would need to be there around 6:00 A.M. When I got there, clouds covered the sky, and the sun was having a hard time breaking through. In other words, the lighting sucked.

I still couldn’t resist taking photos of the Great Blue Herons who lined the shore who seemed as eager as I was for the action to begin.

I always get some of my closest shots of the day in these early hours before the tide goes out very far

because the herons were right below me at the mouth of the creek.

Once the Great Blue Herons start fishing, Bald Eagles fly in to see if they can steal a meal.

Occasionally the sun broke through the clouds, providing some of that early morning glow that can make pictures really snap.

I have a bad habit of always arriving long before I need to and I’m working on overcoming that, but being the first one there isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing.