A Quick Stop at Westport

We just got back from two beautiful days at the beach, a delightful break from the rain that has returned today. Although we went primarily to see the Spring Shorebird Migration, we got there before the tide started coming in. So we went to Westport to check out the loons rather than just sitting around waiting.

We were greeted by a Pelagic Cormorant at the entrance

and moments later another Cormorant flying by.

The Pigeon Guillemots I’d seen a week or so earlier were still present and still relatively indifferent to all the crabbers lining the docs.

It’s hard to miss the Guillemots who prefer zipping through the sky than diving when disturbed.

I wondered if the loons had finally started North because I didn’t see one until I reached the end of the causeway, and that one hadn’t yet changed into breeding colors.

I did spot this strange-looking loon on the way back though.

I’ve never seen a loon quite like this before. It just looked “wrong,” but it wasn’t until I was at the computer that I realized that the head was still transitioning to breeding plumage.

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