Marsh Wren

While on my way to visiting the Tree Sparrows that fly the boardwalk at Theler several years ago, I encountered a Marsh Wren singing his heart out. When I stopped to take a picture, it ignored me and continued singing. I ended up getting the best shots I’ve ever gotten of a Marsh Wren. It’s been several years now since I first sighted him, but I still look for him every time we visit there.

He’s been a little harder to find this year and hasn’t yet struck the classic Marsh Wren pose I love, but he’s not shy about letting you know that this is HIS patch of reeds

and you best give it a wide berth.

I suspect he’s not yet ready to advertise for a mate, that he’s too busy still building nests and lining them with fuzz to start advertising quite yet.

His neighbor at the other end of the preserve is apparently further along in construction and is trying to stay ahead of the competition in attracting a mate,

but I’m sure my little friend can’t be far behind.