Nature Still Prevails Here

Two of my favorite photos from our King’s Canyon trip were this one

of a Chipmunk backlit in the deep forest

and this one of a White-Faced Woodpecker,

a first-ever sighting, may have justified carrying a heavy telephoto lens throughout the day.

All the other shots from King’s Canyon were taken with our Canon SX60HS camera, as were the following shots. Not sure what this plant is, but I was fascinated that life seems to spring from dead branches.

Leslie told me to take pictures of the large rocks throughout the forest, and this one bending an ancient pine caught my attention,

as did this strangely fractured rock.

King’s Canyon is more than just giant Sequoia Redwood trees; it’s a place where nature still prevails and we are just temporary guests.

2 thoughts on “Nature Still Prevails Here”

  1. Being out in the natural world every day is vital to nurture my feelings of well-being. Particularly now as the seductive virtual world invites too much of my attention. Love the white-faced woodpecker. I’ve never seen one.

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