Theler in the Fog

I knew that it had to be Fall last Saturday when we braved rain and 20 mph winds to watch Lael’s first soccer game. That assessment was confirmed Wednesday when we decided to do an early morning walk at Theler Wetlands.

Though it was fairly sunny when we left home, it was quite foggy when we arrived at Theler where this Great Blue Heron stood guard on the bridge


until this flock of Canada Geese rose up and announced our arrival.


The Green-Winged Teals


have finally returned to Theler, though it was hard to identify them in the fog.

As is often the case in Fall or Winter, though, the sunshine began to emerge when we finally headed back to the car. With better light, we were even able to tell the difference between this female Northern Pintail


and the female Mallards.

Of course, the closer we got to the car the brighter it got. Unfortunately, all we saw by then was a few Savannah Sparrows.


I found myself spending much of the morning wishing I had brought a wide-angle lens instead of a telephoto lens. I love walking in the fog if it’s not too cold, and I missed the opportunity for some great scenic shots.