I Break for Dahlias

Unless I’m reading a poetry book or taking pictures of birds, most of my life seems pretty boring, certainly not worthy of a blog post. The reality, of course, is that those two things take up less than half my life, and, on some days, a lot less than that.

Although working out at the gym or taking a long walk has become an increasingly important part of my life as I’ve aged, it’s certainly not worth blogging about unless you want to hear an old guy complain that he has to work twice as hard as younger gym members to maintain half the strength.

However, on days when we take a break from the gym and walk along the beach at Point Defiance, we stop to admire the dahlias half way through the walk. I usually don’t carry a camera when we’re walking for exercise, but I did Saturday since I’ve run out of birding shots.

The dahlias are at their peak around here; the hardest part of photographing them was to isolate one, but this one


and this one,


and this one


cooperated with me.

Their beauty made the uphill climb seem well worth the effort while inspiring us to finish the last mile through the woods.

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