Back to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

I am seeing my dentist too often lately, but a small consolation is I get to visit the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, a place I used to walk regularly when I taught at Battle Ground. Sometimes I visit in the morning AND in the evening before returning home if birding is good in the morning.

This visit I was greeted by large flocks of American Goldfinches, though I was only able to capture shots of a few intrepid individuals that didn’t fly off as my car slowly crept up the road. I’m so used to getting shots looking UP at Goldfinches I like this shot of a female


and male Goldfinch.


Even though I didn’t see many birds in the first half of the auto tour, I decided to walk the loop trail that’s closed most of the year. I ended up seeing lots and lots of very tall grass


that should make good feed for the ducks once it’s flooded. Right now, though, it makes it difficult to see and identify all the small birds hiding there.

Luckily, Great Blue Herons


never make any pretense at hiding, unlike this American Bittern which was, as usual, hiding in plain sight


or I would never have seen him.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge”

  1. Loren, Hi, my name is Chelsea Fly, I am an artist from Tennessee. Its storming here today, so retreated to my sofa and nestled in between my two dogs, I start searching for images of the Great Blue Heron (I’m adding one to a landscape currently in progress). An hour, several search tangents and click-throughs later, I’ve stumbled upon your blog, and I am in awe. Your photography is incredible – the details you’ve captured, your perspective, the movement and the essence of the wildlife. Amazing. Do you sell or show any of your photos anywhere?

    1. I’ve had a few photos published in books, donated several to various charities, and given permission to several artists to make paintings of them, but I’m retired and don’t want to turn my hobby into a job.

      Now that I’m retired I finally have time to turn all the art and photography classes I’ve taken in the past into art that I love to share.

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