Purple Martins at Seabeck

Purple Martins may not be as impressive as Bald Eagles or Great Blue Herons,


but I never go to Seabeck without trying to get pictures of them. Usually, I try to get a shot of them flying, but I’ve only managed to get one or two shots of them doing that because they’re a “swallow” after all — that was when strong made them float mid-air. So, I content myself with getting shots of them sitting on the railing or perched on the rod that holds nesting boxes, like this shot of a female Purple Martin.


It’s the male, though, that I try the hardest to get a shot of. I’m always amazed by how big


and purple they are.


One thought on “Purple Martins at Seabeck”

  1. They are such beautiful birds. I think I only saw them a few times when we were living in Port Townsend. I know I have not seen them since. Love the photos. The male is so handsome!

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