Look What Just Flew By

Although the cloudy weather and low light made photography challenging, I managed to get a few shots at Big Beef Creek that I liked. The closer the birds flew the better the shots seemed to be, perhaps because of the haze.

So, most of the shots in this post are close-ups, like this one of an immature Bald Eagle about to catch the first fish of the day.


He returned even closer while flying to a branch behind us to enjoy a quick repast.


Although most of the shots I got that day were of immature Bald Eagles, I still tend to favor the shots of Mature Bald Eagles, like this one.


Even though I spend most of my time at Big Beef Creek focusing on the Eagles, my favorite shots of the day often turn out to be shots of Great Blue Herons, like this one.


There is a reason I have a hard-drive full of Heron shots, after all.

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