More Hooded Merganser Shots

When you only get out once a week to photograph, you’re pretty much limited to shooting those birds that will cooperate with you. This year, it seems to be the Hooded Mergansers who want their picture taken — and I’m more than happy to accommodate them because they’ve always struck me, particularly the male, as one of the most photogenic of the ducks.

Though I saw several birds at Port Orchard last Monday, this male Hooded Merganser put on the best show. He first caught my attention by lifting up in the water and flapping his wings,


I suspect to adjust his feathers since he had just finished preening.

After a few minutes of wing flapping,


he burst into the air and appeared to fly away,


though he apparently was simply circling back because he was swimming right next to the walkway


as I started up the walkway to the parking lot.

I’m beginning to wonder if this will be the “Year of the Hooded Merganser” as it seems nearly every year that one particular bird catches my attention, no matter where I travel to.

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    1. There’s some real tough competition with the male Red-Breasted Merganser, though, if it would just come in closer to shore.

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