With forecasts of rain and Thunderstorms for the next ten days you better believe I took advantage of Mondays break in the clouds. In fact, the bright blue skies accompanied up to the point where I parked my car by the Salmon Center.

The fog didn’t even begin to lift until I reached the half-way point where the fog started to dissipate and sunlight highlighted the ridge line.


I must admit, though, that I enjoy walking in the fog, particularly near Puget Sound; it brings a meditative silence to the walk,


even if it cloaks the Green-Winged Teal in shades of gray.


Although the fog made it difficult to see many birds, it seemed to accentuate the songs of the male Red-Winged Blackbirds and my first Marsh Wren


of the season.

7 thoughts on “Muted”

  1. Really lovely images. As beautiful as they are, they remind me why we left the Olympic Peninsula and headed south. On the few winter days when there were no clouds and the sun was promised, a blanket of deep fog would come in and stay. It does make for beautiful atmospheric photographs.

    1. I definitely understand that feeling. My first wife was from Eastern Washington and used to get that feeling every February.

      I, on the other hand, missed the fog and clouds when I lived in Walnut Creek for a few years and when I was stationed in the Mojave Desert for two years.

      It must be part of “belonging” to a place.

  2. I really love that first one Loren – they are all great but the mood of that first one grabs me.

  3. Beautiful photos of the fog! I came upon your blog via a google search for fair tales of Herman Hesse. Looks like you write about all kind of interesting things.

  4. Hello there! Love the long landscape image with distant evergreens. Would love to use that image as a reference for a painting. Would you mind me referencing that image?? I’m an oil painter and always looking for inspiration. Love your images by the way. No worries if not, but never hurts to ask. haha.

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