Between trying to get ready for Christmas and unrelenting rain, all the birding I’ve managed to get in so far in December is a couple quick trips to the nearby trail at Point Ruston because I can get there between showers.

It’s a popular place for Barrow’s Goldeneye,


an occasional Common Goldeneye


and Surf Scoters.


Best of all, it seems to be the new home of the female Belted Kingfisher I haven’t seen for a year or so at the Point Defiance Marina.


It made my day when she landed on the fence a mere 12 feet away from me and posed long enough to get several shots.

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  1. We have been having similar weather here, day after day of rain. Really glad that you got out to see these wonderful birds. That Barrow’s Goldeneye with his head thrown back looks like he’s laughing! Love all these photos, and the Belted Kingfisher is stunning.

    1. Thanks, robin. I think the Goldeneye with his head thrown back is trying to attract the female; it seems to be a regular part of the mating process.

  2. Beautiful kingfisher photo. I love the curvy wires in the background; really nice shot.

  3. Wow, that kingfisher is one mighty punk! I’m in love with her attitude. So glad you were at that tough metal fence to catch her without disturbing her. So glad you then came here, where I came today, tracking the wild blogtrails about Stephen Dunn and Richard Wilbur and not even thinking of birds that don’t figure in a poem of theirs. Thank you for all of it.

  4. The out-of-focus chain link in back of the Kingfisher almost imparts a Moorish screen backdrop! Do you plan this stuff? Amazing!

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