An Owens Beach Walk

Lots of rain and feeling tired after my recent bout with the flu have kept me from doing much local birding. I haven’t been back to Belfair since I returned from Colorado though I’m hoping the weather will hold off tomorrow morning and I’ll be feeling well enough to get a walk in. All I’ve managed to do lately is fit in a couple short walks on Owens Beach, and there aren’t many birds there yet.

I did get buzzed by one of the local Bald Eagle residents,


and this Sea Lion paralleled much of my walk.


When I took this shot I thought I was looking at a Cormorant, but once I saw it on-screen it was obviously a Common Loon, a rather unusual sighting at Owens beach, perhaps because the water is shallow enough that the loons stay considerably off shore.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen Killdeer on my beach walk.


When you’ve been trapped in the house for over a week, even an hour walk on the beach can be mentally refreshing.

I’ll have to admit that the Prednisone and antibiotics they gave me for my Pneumonia may have made me feel better than I actually was. After I stopped taking the Prednisone, I suddenly felt awfully tired and have had to resort to over-the-counter pain relievers to make it through the day. I’m sure that a day birding without getting rained on would go a long ways toward lifting my spirits.

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