Crows and Eagles

Although it’s fairly unusual to see Great Blue Heron’s fighting each other, it’s quite common to see Crows and Bald Eagles act aggressively towards each other. In fact, one of the best ways to find raptors or owls is to listen to the crows who will often “mob” a predator that dares to enter their domain.

If there’s food to be found, crows will be there to claim their “share,” even if a Bald Eagle has already laid claim to it.


Though I’ve never seen crows actually take food away from an eagle, they’ll certainly pester an eagle to the point of exasperation.


It’s common to see a crow swoop down out of the clouds nearly atop an eagle.


It’s less common to see an eagle flip over and try to return the attack,


but apparently even the noble Bald Eagle has limited patience.

Luckily for the crow, the eagle can’t quite match its speed and agility,


though I noted the crow decided not to pursue the eagle any further after it attempted to turn the tables on it.

4 thoughts on “Crows and Eagles”

    1. If anybody should be envious, it is me. Florida is near the very top of birding areas in America.

      I have to settle for places like Big Beef Creek, though apparently guides charge a nice fee to bring in photographers from outside areas.

  1. What a great photographic catch. I’ve wondered if an Eagle would finally tire of being harassed by a crow. Now I know. Excellent!

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