The Rhodies are in Full Bloom

Judging from the number of flowers I see in neighbor’s yards, Rhododendrons must be the most popular flower in the Puget Sound region, and one of the best places to see them is the Point Defiance Rhododendron Garden where you can see them in their natural habitat, and by “natural habitat” I mean a well maintained forest/garden.

The thinned forest canopy provides a delightful play of shadow and light for the photographer.


My favorite part of the garden is seeing brilliant colors splashed against a green palate,


but the meandering paths also make it easy to see the rhodies from different perspectives, as they might appear in your garden


or up-close as individual bouquets.


Anyway that you look at them they are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Rhodies are in Full Bloom”

  1. I miss my rhodies, at my old house they were up to the roof on our porch and you could tell the temperature by how dark and curled in they were. when I sold the house the buyer immediately cut them down. Oh well, what I saw as beauty they saw as an inconvenience.

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