Tempus Fugit

It may only be May on the calendar, but everything around me tells me I’ve lost track of time and summer has already begun. After I saw the wild roses blooming at Belfair, I knew I needed to get down to check out the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden, especially the Iris portion of the garden.

I was surprised that nearly all the roses are blooming, even the ones that usually bloom later in the summer. There are lots of new rosebuds,


but most roses are already in their prime.


Some are even already showing wear around the edges.


The Iris Garden is even ahead of the Rose Garden. Though many of the iris are still in their prime


like these two,


others have already faded.

If you live in Tacoma, this is a great time to visit the Gardens, especially since the Rhododendron Garden is also in full bloom.

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