They Mark the Way

While shopping in Port Townsend I mentioned to a shop owner that I came to Port Townsend to bird, and she told me that there was a pond in Fort Worden where she regularly saw Wood Ducks. Since we had a couple of hours to waste, we decided to try to find the pond that she described. We never did find the pond, but I was hooked on the hike when I found three “totems” at the beginning of the hike, a wonderful blending of art and nature that reminded me of the reasons Leslie and I return here so often.

Although a few of the items are “works of art” most of the items that adorn the three poles that keep cars from driving on the trail were obviously found on the walk, which makes them seem even more magical to me.

I imagine they must have been assembled by one of the many artists who live here,


though their “childlike” quality


almost makes me believe that fairies assembled them


and refresh them during the early morning hours.