Virtual Birdwatching

Lately life’s demands have gotten in the way of the truly important things. So, despite having finally gotten the new lens I’ve been trying to buy since Christmas, I’ve been at home moving furniture for the floor installers, watching workers lay floor, removing toilets from bathrooms, restoring toilets including installing new shut-off valves, and moving furniture to the other side of the house so that workers can finish their work.

The only birding I’ve managed is virtual birding, sitting in front of my computer sorting through pictures I’ve recently taken, and I’m quickly nearing having published all the shots worth showing. Luckily, I got some great shots of this Pelagic Cormorant in my last visit to Port Orchard Marina.


Pelagic cormorants are regulars there, but very few of them will stick around like this one did to have it’s portrait taken from


various poses.


In fact, it almost seemed like it trying to make sure that I captured it’s breeding plumage beauty from every possible angle.


I’ve never gotten close enough to a Pelagic Cormorant to see the white feathers on the neck.

As much as I enjoy working with photographs on my computer, I’m past ready to get back out there, at least if the weather will cooperate and provide a little sunshine. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the bathroom cabinet and countertop we ordered to come in, so there are several other days I’ll have to be home this month. As soon as they are cleared up, though, I plan on spending several days at the Ocean as the shorebirds migrate north, followed by a week at Malheur.