A Very Quick Trip to Vancouver, Washington

A few weeks ago Elaine Frankonis posted a recipe for caramels made in the microwave and I commented I would have to try the recipe since I love caramels. Before I could do so, Dave Rogers warned to beware of crowns. Although I replied I didn’t think it would bother my crowns, it wasn’t more than a few days later that a crown came off as I was flossing my teeth. It might have been more coincidence, but since I haven’t lost a crown in over 15 years, I have some doubts on whether Dave jinxed me or not.

Luckily, when I called my dentist in Vancouver the next day, they said that they had an afternoon cancellation due to the flu that was going around. They also managed to move another patient’s appointment and I ended up not only getting a crown but getting my teeth cleaned the same day. It was totally unexpected, but really I appreciated their efforts to accommodate me since it’s nearly a 150 mile drive one way.

I got there at noon and was in the dentist’s chair until nearly 4:30 PM, too late to make it home for dinner, so I decided to make a quick trip through the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. Although I didn’t see anything I haven’t seen several times before, it was a nice way to end a stressful day. It’s been a while since I’ve spotted a Ring-Necked Duck,


and even longer since I’ve seen a pair of them together. If it hadn’t been for the black and white male, I doubt I would have spotted the female.

I think these are the first Dowitchers I have seen since the Fall migration.


If I hadn’t been in California a few weeks before, I would probably have been thrilled to see this Great Egret right beside the road,


and right after pointing out how thrilled I was to see Swans in Santa Rosa because I never get to see them, there was a small flock of Swans obviously beginning to migrate northward.


At the end of the day I felt blessed to have a dentist like Dr. Angell, and even more blessed to be able to visit a magical place like The Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge every time I have a dental appointment.

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  1. What is it with dentist names? You used to go to Dr. Savage ….. and when I had to go see him at age 7 or so he had me scared. Since then I’ve had a Dr. Kool, Dr. Valentine and you a Dr. Angell?????

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