In the Morning Light

With a long drive in front of us, I wanted to get an early start on our last day in California and get a last look at The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge even though I knew the light wouldn’t be ideal at that hour.

We finally got to see the flocks of Snow Geese that we hadn’t yet seen, though the orangish, sunrise light gave them a different look than I’ve seen before.


The same light gave this male Northern Shoveler an almost surreal look.


We didn’t see a single Avocet, but this Black-Necked Stilt


appeared almost as pinkish as Avocets do.

Later, I wished that we had the same light when finally got to Mt. Shasta,


but by then the sun had ducked behind the clouds, giving it a very different look.

Days like that give you a real sense of just how subjective light and the resulting colors can be.

One thought on “In the Morning Light”

  1. Love seeing that Black-Necked Stilt. It does look like an Avocet in that light. Just catching up here and really enjoying all the bird photography of the past few days. Noticed the Wren Marsh singing away, looking just like the one we saw here in Arcata. They have quite a presence for such a little bird. Really glad to see all you’ve been seeing.

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