Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

We’ve gotten used to seeing Snow Geese, Avocets and White-Faced Ibis in previous visits to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. This time, however, we didn’t see a single Avocet and only saw two or three White-Faced Ibis,


and had to wait until the second day to see any Snow Geese, and had to settle for some nice shots of Greater White Faced Geese


which we also seldom see here in the PNW.

We did enjoy seeing the Night Heron Rookery we discovered on our first visit, but when we visited this time they were all roosting in the heavy brush, making it challenging to get a good shot.


Luckily, when you don’t find what you expect, you often find other birds that you didn’t expect, like this Northern Shrike


that Leslie got a nice shot out her window, and this Marsh Wren


announcing Spring to the world.