This Economy is Giving Me the Blues

I think I’ve done a remarkably good job of limiting my political views to my Facebook account recently, but, since I’m already off on that vein, I thought I’d share these two things that happened to appear at almost the same moment.

I’d just received a notice that Playing for Change had released a new album, and since I support their initiative I went to iTunes and purchased their new album. After listening to the Keb’ Mo’ cut, I went back to iTunes and ended up purchasing his “Bluesamericana” album. This cut

was a favorite, perhaps because it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from a blues album, though, in retrospect, I probably should have expected it.

As I was listening to the song I was also browsing Facebook where I found this Bernie Sanders quote


posted by long-time blogger friend Jeff Ward.

Together they go a long ways toward expressing my frustration with an economy that seems determined to undermine the middle class and pervert our democracy into an oligarchy, if it hasn’t already occurred.

5 thoughts on “This Economy is Giving Me the Blues”

  1. Loren, you should check out this short video: This guy, Charles Eisenstein does some mind bending and game changing thinking. Check out this article for a more fleshed out version:
    and book for an in depth read:

    It’s so rejuvenating to see a potentially positive direction, and at least a more fulfilling way of living.

    1. Way more there than I have time to completely explore now, but based on the video I thought it worthwhile to approve your comments. I’ve downloaded the pdf book, but at the rate I’m going I’m not sure when I will realistically get a chance to read it as I already have a stack of books in my den that I’m committed to reading.

  2. Loren – seems like Bernie is thinking about taking a run at the white house. He’ll have to declare himself a Democrat for that and try and get the nomination away from the anointed one – no chance but it does give him the chance to steer the conversation for awhile. Could get interesting.

    btw – did you see the note in G+ I left you about the Cornell bird identification app – Merlin Bird ID? Available for Android and iOS

    1. I have a hard time keeping up with G+ and all this other social media, so I didn’t see that note, but I do have Merlin (and too many other bird apps, for that matter).

      If Bernie runs as a Democrat I’d vote for him, unless Elizabeth Warren was running. but I’m afraid I couldn’t vote for him if he was running as an Independent.

      1. Well my comment on where I saw that was “If you run Bernie don’t get on any planes”

        BTW if you didn’t see it I have my 6D now – with a Sigma 150-500 F5 lens as well as the Canon 24-70 mm lens

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