Snowy Egrets at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

I didn’t go to Bear River to get pictures of Snowy Egrets. I can find them much nearer than that, but somehow I still filled up a lot of my memory card with shots of them. They are such a striking bird that I can’t imagine not pointing my camera at them when they’re around.

I doubt I’ll ever get better closeups than the shots I got in Santa Rosa in the last few years, but somehow that doesn’t seem to make these shots any less beautiful.


Ignoring a Snowy Egret as it stalks a pond


because you’ve already seen one stalking a pond would make about as much sense as ignoring a beautiful girl in a bikini walking down the beach because you’ve seen one before.

It doesn’t hurt if you can manage to capture them in a different pose,


one that manages to show a different side of their beauty. I suspect Snowy Egrets have thrived because they’ve mastered the art of killing, stalking their prey like some ninja warrior, striking with a suddenness


that chills the bones.

One thought on “Snowy Egrets at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge”

  1. Doesn’t get much more striking than the one on top—he looks to be in a serious Egret Warrior Pose, and reflected in the water as he is, with that hair slicked back (we called that a “tork” in L.A. when I was a kid), he looks ready for about anything. (Though I suspect he’d prefer a good meal to anything else…) Great shooting, Loren!

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