And Great Blue Herons, Too

There’s no denying everyone goes to Big Beef Creek to photograph the eagles, but I’m not the only one who also loves seeing the Great Blue Herons. Ultimately, of course it’s the Sculpin run that brings all the birds, but the eagles, gulls, and crows all gather where the Herons are fishing. If you don’t see herons, you won’t see the others.

It’s not much of a challenge getting a picture of a Great Blue Heron fishing, though I continue to take multiple shots, but it is always challenge to get shots of them flying. It’s critical that you pan as you are shooting, particularly when they’re close, if you want a good shot. The “streaks” in the water are the result of panning as the heron flew by.

Great Blue Heron

It’s only when they’re flying that you realize just how long those wings are.

Dominic’s recent comment that birds remind him of dinosaurs, made me think that this gliding must have been awfully similar to how a pterodactyl glided.

Great Blue Heron

I’m also fascinated with Heron’s landing.

Great Blue Heron

I like this shot for an entirely different reason, though:

Great Blue Heron

its symmetry.

3 thoughts on “And Great Blue Herons, Too”

  1. Loren, these photographs are wonderful – I think my favourite is the symmetry one. Yes, I have spoken with Dom about the dinosaur thing – it really is so easy to see it in that blue heron, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks. I think the last shot would be my favorite, too, though it’s always hard to choose from ones you already spent hours choosing from all the shots you’ve taken.

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