The Butterfly Gardens with Lael

It’s surprising how easy it is to be so distracted by a disappointment that you don’t realize just how good of a time you are actually having after the disappointment. In fact, it wasn’t until I started writing about what I did last week when I couldn’t go to Malheur that I realized what a great time I actually had.

I capped off the week by taking Lael to the butterfly garden at the Pacific Science Center. Although there were a lot of people there because of vacations we still had a great time.

I’m sure that I’ve included pictures of these kinds of butterflies in years past, but I see them so seldom that they all seem “new” to me. I’m pretty sure that I said that this one reminded me of a geisha girl:


I just love the curled proboscis on this one.

But I have no memory of this one, and they were all over on this visit.


I don’t know whether we finished quickly at the Butterfly Garden because they were trying to get lots of people through or because they didn’t seem as “special” as they have in the past, but we ended up with more time than usual to do other things.

Lael had a good time at the seashore exhibit, where kids have a chance to actually touch the animals/plants found in tide pools.


And we even had time left to walk down and see the fountain and explore some of the small gardens on the way there:


Of course, via tradition we had to drive to West Seattle and have fish and chips at Spuds for lunch.

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