Loons Change Plumage, Too

While taking pictures of the horned grebes at Port Orchard I happened to notice a pigeon guillemot. That, in turn, reminded me that I needed to go to Westport to see if the Common Loons have also begun to change into breeding plumage. So when it was sunshine predicted a few days later, I headed out to Westport.

The first Common Loons I saw were still in winter plumage.

Common Loon in winter plumage

Sure enough, though, some of the common loons had begun to change colors, like this one in breeding plumage.

Common Loon in breeding plumage

I love those black and white markings, but the green stripe around the neck is the real finishing touch.

As a bonus, I even discovered why there are so many loons at Westport.

Loon with Crab

Apparently they come for the same thing so many fishermen come for: crabs, though the ones they catch are considerably smaller.

As an added bonus, I even got to see my Pigeon Guillemot,

Pigeon Guillemot

with a cormorant thrown it.


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