More Local Birding

Here’s two more shots taken on local trips. Neither is particularly outstanding or quite as good as previous shots I’ve taken, but I still love watching Belted Kingfishers,

Belted Kingfisher

and it’s a good day when I can get any shot worth keeping. Not sure why, but they seem like one of the shyest birds I know of, and they are constantly on the move. I suspect they suffer from some form of ADHD, which can’t be all bad because I suspect I suffer from it at times, too.

I got some great shots of a Marsh Wrens in the Spring when they were boldly advertising for a mate, but they’re much hard to capture this time of year when all they seem concerned with is staying alive long enough to mate next Spring.

Marsh Wren

They have the perfect camouflage to fit in with the dried-out grass and reeds where they build their nests in the summer.

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