A Few More Shots from Colorado

I went to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with Tyson and family, the first time we’ve ever managed to do that. I probably should have taken more pictures of the kids, but I was having too good of time crafting with them and playing video games to take pictures. This shot of the Leslie, Jen, Logan, Zoe, and Sydney is as close as I got to a family portrait and I actually had to splice two pictures together to get Sydney in the shot.

family shot

Tyson and the dogs are nowhere to be seen, though they might have been standing next to me, as I remember it.

Luckily for me, going for walks is always a part of my visits, even though Sydney doesn’t seem to enjoy them as much as the other two, at least not until she actually gets outside.

I didn’t see nearly as any birds this time as I usually do. In fact, I could’ve easily gone a few miles down the road and got most of the same pictures I got there. This Ring-Necked Duck is quite common around here during the winter.

 Ring-Necked Duck

Mourning Doves are not as common but they’re certainly not rare, either.

Mourning Dove

The only bird I saw that I thought might be one I hadn’t seen before is this bird, which I think is a female Rose-Breasted grosbeak.

female Rose-Breasted Grossbeak

My favorite shot of the trip, though, is probably this shot of a Kestrel


that seemed more willing than most to pose for a photograph. It’s a striking bird that I’m more apt to see in Colorado than anywhere else, though they are found in Western Washington, too.