Here a Red-Tailed Hawk, There a Red-Tailed Hawk

I was amazed at the number of Red-Tailed Hawks I saw in Colorado my recent trip. In fact, the very first picture I got in Colorado was a picture of a Red-Tailed Hawk catching a large snake.

 Red-Tailed Hawk with snake

Perhaps the greatest surprise of all was that there was even a snake out in winter in Broomfield, especially since it had snowed the week before.

Seconds later the apparent mate of this bird started circling us

Red-Tailed Hawk

dropping ever closer to the point where I could barely keep it in the frame.

 Red-Tailed Hawk

I actually had several more sightings of Red-Tailed Hawks on my 5-day visit, but this one on the last day particularly stood out because of how white its chest was,

Red-Tailed Hawk

even more noticeable because it was sunning in the 50° weather. Although it didn’t look like any Red-Tailed Hawk I’ve seen while sitting in the tree, it did look like one once it took off and flew by us.

Red-Tailed Hawk

I often find it difficult to identify Red-Tailed Hawks because there are so many “morphs,” or variations in plumage. Luckily they are all beautiful and photogenic, which is all I’m really very concerned with.

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